Top Haunted Places in The World

There are many places in the world where we can sense some paranormal activities and also some radiations. The top ten haunted places in the world are as follows:

Monte Carlo, Australia
this place is located in Junee, New South Wales. According to some people, this place is haunted by Mrs. Crawley, the owner of the house. After her husband’s death, she never came out of her house and she disappeared into the thin air. People have seen many paranormal activities like a phantom face in the window, floating apparition, strange voices etc.

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland
this place is one of the beautiful places in Scotland. But inside these walls, there are echoes of ghosts, people who died in prisons and also because of plague. Also, there have been reports of some paranormal activities experienced by people like suddenly decrease in temperature. 
Dominican Hill, Baguio City, Philippine 
According to some local people, this place is being haunted by war soldiers and some patients who had some hope for living. People have heard much different demonic presence, banging of windows and doors and fluctuation of lights.

Iulia Hasdeu Castle, Romania
 It is one of the famous castle built by Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu in Campina in the memory of his daughter who died at the age of 19. In order to connect with his daughter, he started doing some spiritual activities. Still, people have seen his daughter walking during the night and playing the piano every night.

Hellfire Club
This place is located in Montpelier Hill, Ireland. This place was built as a hunting lodge in 1725 and after that, this place became famous for Dublin elites who used to meet for devil worship and debauchery.

Dragsholm Slot, Denmark
This castle was initially built in the year 1215. But then again, it was reconstructed for keeping prisoners of noble and ecclesiastical rank. This castle has many ghosts who haunt these places. Soon you enter this castle you can sense some paranormal activities.

Manila Film Center, Philippines
 this place has its own sad story. This was like a normal film center until one tragic incident happened. This place is haunted by those workers who were killed in a construction accident. Scaffolding at the site got collapsed, killing around 169 people on the spot. Still, there are some bodies which are entombed in the structure and are haunting this place.

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