Why Visit National Museum of Nepal

People who are fond of history art and cultural research have the best place to discover in Nepal as the national museum of Nepal is the rich information providing a source to such type of people. Museum is the place from where you can find all the history of the nation as it contains all type of antiques and old things, as well as some historic literature, is placed in the museum which describes the culture and norms of any place. Similarly, National museum of Nepal is the place where you can find different historic things which show the great history of Nepal and the inspiring stories which are hidden behind each and every item placed in the National museum of Nepal.

Talking about the history of this museum, the museum was established in 1928 by a General name Bhimsen Thapa. After 11 years it was opened for the people of Nepal by the Prime minister of Nepal Juddha Shamsher Bahadur Jung Rana. In the beginning, the museum was used to display the war arms usually used by the great soldiers of Nepal in the battlefield. But in 1943, an art gallery was opened in the museum and after that, the name of the museum was changed from Chauni Sikhana to Rashtriya Sangrahalaya which means National museum of Nepal.

The art gallery of the museum exhibits the metal work, wood crafting work, stone work in which the image of Licchavi king Jayavarma is the most prominent work done in stone. Along with this, there is a Buddha art gallery which contains paintings and artwork related to Buddha, some sculptures, and ritualistic objects. There is a military section in the museum of Nepal which contains ancient weapons as well as weapons and artifacts used in different time periods by the warriors of Nepal. There is a numismatic section which is a wide collection of coins used in different time zone. These coins are collected from the era of Licchava. These coins include gold silver and copper coins.

In the nutshell, the National museum of Nepal is a symbolic building of Nepal which show a reflection of different eras of Nepal in a proper way. If you are a history lover then this place will be the best place to visit and explore the history of Nepal in a proper manner.

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