Planning To Nepal For Family Holidays

If you are planning a holiday with your family then here is a mind blowing plan for you which will definitely make your holidays rememberable and best holidays of your life. Making a plan of Nepal family holidays will lead you to a new era and time period of mystery and magic. If you have short vacations and want to enjoy a lot then planning holidays is a right choice.

         Before planning towards the Nepal you must know about the area and basic know how about the environment and other facilities available there. So if you are planning Nepal family holidays then you must know basic information about Nepal so that you can visit right places and can enjoy your holidays in a proper manner.
         Basically, Nepal is divided into three main regions. The first region is Himalaya region this region is full of large mountain ranges and full of beautiful natural beauties. The Himalaya region is called the most beautiful hilly area which is rich with natural sceneries.

         The second region is Mountain region which includes different hills and top points. This region contains some short mountain ranges which are fully civilized and rich in natural beauty. It is suitable for those people who do not like hilly areas and like to visit moderate hilly areas.

         The third region is river region which contains beautiful rivers and lake which definitely mesmerize you and bring a feeling of magic on you. The best thing about this region is it is full of beautiful lakes which are filled with natural attractive beauty and brings the feeling of joy and make your holidays a real memory.
          Well, there are many places in Nepal where you can spend your holidays with your family but the selection of right place is a difficult task for a new tourist. Now first thing before selection of any place you must know how many holidays you have if you have only a few days of holidays then it is suggested to visit only selected places of all the three regions. 

           The places which are suitable to visit in the short time period are Kathmandu valley, Akash Bhairav Temple, Temple of Kumari, Phewa Lake, National museum of Nepal, Begnas Lake. These are places which can be visited by you and your family in your Nepal family holiday.

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