The Nature and Every Creature - Poem/Poetry By Santa Rai

Where there is the zest nature,
A bard can rummage such a spectacular meadow.
Where there is the bask weather,
The mascot can hug the sky like a resplendent rainbow.

Nature tries to push ahead toward a stunning topography,
But siblings from the ancestors amend their features.
Every creature is living like a crazy,
Even though the sun is the father of all creatures.

All offsprings have their own genetic DNA,
Which is the nature of every creature?
Love the nature that saves the future RNA,
As the earth is the mother of all creatures.

Although there are differences in nationalities,
But any wee baby can understand any languages.
Why don't we be the part of functional solidarity,
All surface of the earth is a home for every age.

A poem Provided by semifinalist of Poetrynation.
AuthorSanta Rai

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