Remembrance Day Poem "The Season And The Reason!"

The Season And The Reason!

It's been a Fall season,
what  reminded me is the Remembrance Day as a reason.
The seasons provide me diverse nature,
Where to stay is a person's future.

Whoever loves fall season is a flexible person,
What to do is a meticulous passion.
The season has a tremendous potentiality,
The reason what we chose has a sagacious possibility.

The era which we've spent is desperately needs,
All veterans who sacrificed their life has been saluting is what they radically met.
The time which we've now could be departed like the falling leaves,
The veterans who left their hopes could be recommended like the traditional belief.

This period is to acknowledge for an accomplishment,
A successful person can often leave a comprehensive complement.
It's been a Fall season,
what reminded me is the Remembrance Day as a reason.

Written by Rai Santa(Semi-finalist of Poetry Nation)

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