The Importance of Clickbait Titles!

What are clickbait titles?
There are thousands of them. They attract our attention at home, at work, on mobile or on PC. Their main purpose is to generate advertising revenue. Clickbaits, often nicknamed "clickbeasts" or "click traps" are images published on the margins of websites, frequently accompanied by intriguing, absurd, or provocative titles. They highlight highly profitable content with a high "viral capacity", but which is mostly false. Anyone who regularly or occasionally connects to the Internet has encountered a banner like "Click here! Click now! Download 100% free". Obviously there are various sentences of this type and in several languages! But who makes us click and why? The sprawling expansion of the web in recent years around the world has created a gigantic mine of information; a veritable Ali Baba cave for advertisers. This type of post encourages, by all means, to click, using a mysterious photo, or a short text leaving a doubt. In short, by being as vague as possible on the content to which the user who has clicked on the link will be directed.
Behind clickbait titles
We haven't studied communication? It is not serious, roughly an advertiser is a natural or legal person who invests in order to make known these products or services, if we are not mistaken. It would indeed be more judicious nowadays to pass by the Web if one wishes to forge an image which will sail beyond its usual territory, to create a new clientele, or quite simply to have new visitors on his page, or his website. In order to realize his dream and earn his bread with his fingers in his nose, we can go through solutions like AdSense from Google that will allow us to sell the traffic generated by our website thanks to Mediabot, a robot specially designed for this purpose and which we are madly in love with. So we must remember that advertisers earn money, generated through the technique of cost per click, by encouraging us to click on a word, a sentence, an image or a video.
The weight of clickbait titles
The clickbait titles refer mainly to the buzz sites that are teeming at the moment, the result of the popularization of social networks such as Facebook. The latter, the most important of all, with its billion active users every day has become the Holy Grail of advertisers, and not only that! The number of users has made it an improved version. For example, if our friend gets married today, we would know it even if we weren't online, because it's very likely that someone close to us who was online that day will inform us, while keeping the authentic side of the information. Advertisers, aware of the type of content that interests a particular category of users, manage to publish clickable links on as many profiles as possible to articles whose titles remain more or less attractive, as when we often read: A cat saves a mouse; a chimpanzee is released, his reaction is just incredible! Top 10 extreme cases of gaming addictions…

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