Is Bodybuilding a Way To Vaporize Oneself

Bodybuilding as a Lifestyle
The practice of a sport, whether at amateur or high level, requires a certain personal investment. It takes time, concentration and therefore energy. This time spent in practice has an impact on time spent with family and friends. Indeed the practice of a sport like bodybuilding requires an involvement at all times because it interferes with the daily organization. Life is organized around the rhythm of meals, training and recovery phases. The debauchery of energy to support intense muscle training is important and the recovery phase is just as important to be ready for the next session. The concentration necessary to create the brain-muscle connection and mobilize the muscle fibers to the maximum is also a source of a significant debauchery of energy.
This applies to weight training but also to any other sport practiced with passion and commitment. We are not talking about the leisure activity of Sunday, just as pleasant, but to really invest ourselves daily to always improve. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the first to link strength training and personal success. For him, all the steps successfully spent in the room, all the efforts, the rage that results can only positively impact our lives. His determination, success, and aura have convinced on a large scale. He was the driving force behind a generation of cast iron enthusiasts developing both their physical and mental strength. So in concrete terms what connections can be made between strength training and personal success?
Bodybuilding has a simple and unshakable base which wants that to take muscle it is necessary to constantly progress, to lift heavier, to lift longer, in a more intense or more frequent way. Performing the same sessions with the same intensity on a daily basis does not produce results. It is thus a permanent search for a better self, more efficient, stronger, and more technical. The gym is also the place of rigor and consistency. Be regular at the gym, don't miss training, and spend many hours every week instead of relaxing or enjoying life. It is a difficult but inevitable choice to make if your results really matter to you. The bodybuilder will train almost every day, exercising his muscles from every angle week after week. This takes us directly to the next step.
Nutrition and healthy living are the other two pillars that accompany training. No progress without serious nutrition, adequate rest and a stable lifestyle: reduced alcohol consumption and quality sleep. A boring life? Yes, some would say, but that's the price you have to pay to touch your dream with your finger. So if you are ready to give up, to give the best of yourself continuously to the room as in life, what obstacle could get in your way?

I am one of those who is passionate about weight training and physical culture, in a natural, healthy way and for both the aesthetic and health aspects. Strength training is not the most important aspect of my life, but it is a driving force, the determination I show in the room is reflected in my everyday life. The same is true for the athletes I coach, as well as individuals looking for better health and appearance.

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