Why I Defend Animal Rights?

Defending Animal Rights is a Duty
Why be interested in animals when human suffering is omnipresent? All activists have already had to answer this question. My personal testimony: when I was choosing the discipline in which to enroll in my university studies, I decided to study law. At the time, I was an active member of Amnesty International and felt that it might be useful to become a lawyer to continue working for human rights. After a year of law school, I realized that several more competent students had the same plan in mind. They wanted to make the world a better place for all human beings. That's when I realized that while so many people were interested in human justice, virtually no one cared about our obligations of justice to other susceptible animals. Nonhuman beings were completely ignored and it then became obvious to me that I could do much more by devoting my time and energy to their plight rather than to any other social cause. In my opinion, the animal issue is one of the most pressing not only because of all the horrors animals are going through today or because they are victims of profound injustices, but because most people are still largely indifferent to what is happening to them.
Of course, there is a legitimate division of moral labor. Some are interested in the cause of women and others in the cause of sick people. What these people have in common is that they want more justice. We obviously can't do everything. But what can be done is to support all these causes at least by not behaving in ways that run counter to their respective objectives. We can defend the rights of the unemployed or those with cancer, without being sexist in our activism. We can also defend human rights without violating the rights of other animals by adopting a vegan lifestyle. It is not then a question of devoting one's whole life to the animal cause. Some of us can and must do it, just as others can and must devote themselves to other social causes. But for the others, it is enough to choose soy milk rather than cow's milk, for example.
Animals are like children and the elderly in loss of autonomy. Animals need all other beings more because they are defenseless. The child will grow up and speak up for himself. The animal that has a heart, a brain, a soul like us but can't defend itself. The animal is at the mercy of man. If man ties it up and beats it and does it in pieces, the animal being is sad but cannot express itself or defend itself. We know that the pig is one of the more intelligent animals. If you have had the opportunity to see them when the men take them by force for the slaughterhouse you will hear the terrible cries of distress. This is an example of making us think when we eat a piece of meat. We must develop compassion, towards all beings and secondly, if we like to leave a better world for future generations, it is time to put into practice true Love and true Compassion.

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