How to Choose Viral Content?

The way towards viral content
Everyone wants his content to be shared, it is not a question of the subject being relevant and well treated, or even of the content in question revolutionizing the field of activity it deals with. No, virality is of a different order. It goes far beyond the intrinsic quality of the content. Of course, it is easier to viralize excellent content than very bad content but it is not enough to produce quality content to generate sharing. To become viral, our content must have the following characteristics: to provide a relevant response to a strong problem, create a situation or a story with which your target customers will identify spontaneously, adopt a different tone and angle of treatment, for example: novelty, humor, provocation, and creating strong emotion and support.
Choosing pertinent topics
Whenever possible, it is best to focus on topics that evoke positive emotions. Indeed, the latter are more likely to be shared, because they easily arouse public enthusiasm. Following this recommendation, let us say that a touch of humor is always welcome. It shows our creativity, while giving a light and pleasant tone to the publications that lend themselves to it. We must be careful, however, to keep substantial information content in our publications. Of course, there are more serious topics that are of interest to our target audience. While the nature of the content should be taken into consideration to find the appropriate tone to address it, we must always try to highlight the solutions available to our readers if the subject matter reflects a problematic situation.
Importance of social networks
To maximize the full potential of social networks, we must make sure we deepen our knowledge of each of them. These all have features that allow us to make our content viral. Facebook, for example, gives us the ability to launch contests and encourage a large number of users to share our content. LinkedIn, for its part, gives us the chance to create our discussion group and choose the theme around which the exchanges will take place. As a result, it will necessarily be easier for us to target content that interests our audience and get better sharing of that content.
Importance of hashtags
To increase the virality of our content, we must remember the great potential of hashtags. By choosing popular hashtags in our area of expertise, we will ensure that our content is easily retrievable by Internet users. In a second time, it will obviously be easily shareable via targeted keywords. We will therefore significantly increase the sharing rate of our publications by making judicious use of hashtags.
The power of sharing
Also, it is possible to promote the distribution of our publications thanks to the buttons of sharing towards the social networks, which we should ideally position at the bottom of our articles. By the way, we must keep in mind that several tools such as WordPress make it possible to integrate these additions at the end of articles without much difficulty.

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