Pranks No More Short Story

My little brother who had silky black hair and seemingly five inches shorter but smarter than me, Dilli, yelled like he had just seen a ghost.  To be honest, I would have been freaked out, too, if I had been in the shower and blood-like water poured all over me.  It hadn't been hard. We had fruit punch packets that hadn't been used in so long no one remembered they were deep in the kitchen cabinet except for me.  Dilli always had to get a shower in the mornings before school.  He always had to be clean, but a little fruit punch powder in the shower head and all of that changed 
“Why do you always have to play pranks!” Dilli took out of the bathroom covered in red streaks.  I died laughing.  He pointed to me.  “You know, someday, someone is going to prank you.  Or worse, you'll need help, and people will think you're just joking.” I wasn't worried about that.  No one ever pranked me because I was always ready for someone to try on me. 
School went by fast and, it was boring, except for History class when Roshan Ramtel started to fall asleep. I attached his shoelaces to his chair.  When the bell rung, Ramtel tried to stand up. He and the chair went tumbling to the ground causing everyone to laugh.  He stared at me, but I just pretended like I didn't know what happened.    
I decided to take a shortcut home from school through  Jungle.  There was an old abandoned house everyone was afraid to go into, and no one did because of the 'No Trespassing' sign.  I'd been in their many times, and there was nothing wrong with the place.  As I walked by, I thought of a great idea.  It would be fun to scare other students as they walked past by an old house.   
The house smelled musty. I assumed it was due to the recent rain.  The windows were rotted out, and the floors squeaked.  I threw my backpack on the floor and started to plan my prank. Suddenly, I heard voices in the distance, and I stepped back out of the light.  As I did, the floor beneath me gave away.  I yelled as I fell and got stuck halfway through the floor.   I tried using my arms to get out.  I couldn't move.  My feet dangling in mid-air in what I guessed was the basement.   
“Help!  I yelled.  “Help!” 
Voices came closer.  I could just barely see out of the doorway.  It was my brother and two of our friends.   
“Who is that?” Dilli yelled.   
“It's me!  Help!” 
“That's your brother,” one friend said to him.  “What's he doing in there?” 
“Trying to prank us.  He’s always trying to prank us,” Dilli said.  “Nice try!” 
I heard them walking away.  “No, wait!” I yelled.  “I'm stuck!” 
And it wasn't just him.  Several groups passed by, and all of them ignored my cries because they knew me as a prankster.   
An hour passed by.  Then two.  Soon, it was getting dark. My brother was right.  My pranks caught up to me. 

Soon, I heard my name being yelled. Several people were screaming it, and there were lights coming towards me.  I began yelling again.  Finally, I got rescued by them, and I swore myself that I’d never play pranks on anyone.

Roshan, Dilli, Phulman

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